Thursday, November 20, 2014

Diamond Giveaway and Exciting Updates


In celebration of reaching 200,000 downloads of A Diamond in My Pocket, I'm hosting a giveaway for a 2 1/2" crystal Sanguine Diamond replica made popular in The Unaltered Series YA fantasy novels. 
Click Here to enter the giveaway.
Read the latest exciting updates concerning The Unaltered Series here.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's put A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET into print!

Hello to my readers and supporters! The long awaited milestone is about to happen . . . getting book one, A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET, put into print.

I'll be launching a campaign beginning on (or shortly after), February 18th. Once the campaign launches, I'll post the link on this blog. The goal amount of $6,800 will make it possible to pay for the professional edit, layout expenses, cover art, and printing expenses. I've put together some way-awesome incentive packages to entice you to consider becoming a funder. 

For example: At the $35 dollar level, you can get a 2 1/2" crystal Sanguine Diamond replica. 

At the $50 dollar level, you can get a diamond replica and a first-edition print copy of A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET. 

There will be various levels of funding to choose from, each with some type of swag for you. 

I want to give you something to look back upon and be able to say "Wow--I worked with that writer when she was just getting started."

Even though my books have been out for a couple years, the momentum is just beginning to take off. Now that all four of the books are complete, putting them into print, beginning with book one, will make them available to more readers.

I'm sending out great-big-virtual hugs to everyone who has supported me so far. THANK YOU!  

Friday, December 20, 2013


Happy Release Day!!

In the Amazon Bestselling final installment of The Unaltered Series, Calli learns about Chris's motives behind the recent events, and tries to understand his dilemmas, while at the same time she learns what the big picture actually is, and where she fits. 

General Harding figures out what lies at the heart of Agent Alpha's research project. He's determined to complete the studies and become an all-powerful Diamond Beareronce Chris delivers Calli to him. What General Harding fails to understand is that Diamond Bearers are not the most powerful individuals on the face of the earth. They are agents of nature, working for Crimsonthe creator of the Sanguine Diamond. Upsetting the balance of nature is the last thing General Harding should do.

Follow Calli, Chris, Brand, and Crimson in the dramatic conclusion of The Unaltered Series as they battle Deus Ex, undead Healers, and General Harding, in an effort to balance nature.

Suzanne G. says:  ". . . massive amounts of originality & imagination, swirled in with all the intrigue, suspense, romance, and mystery.  . . ."

Available for  $3.99 at:
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Saturday, November 9, 2013


~DECEMBER 20, 2013!~

Mark your calendar for the release of the exciting conclusion in The Unaltered Series, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny.


Friday, October 18, 2013

ShoutOut to my Fans!!

The Unaltered series
Thank you for reading my books! Without you, I'd just be a dreamer.

To the fans who have followed my series since I first launched online in 2011: 
You're Awesome!

To the fans who only just recently discovered my series:  Welcome to the Awesome Club!

Everyone in between:  I wouldn't be where I am today without you! 

**Please leave a comment below saying when you discovered my books and how. (friend, free list, amazon, nook, itunes, etc...) I'd love to hear from you.

diamond series
Update on book four, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny:

I will be releasing book four in The Unaltered Series December 20th, 2013. 

I've been bombarded with "life", which has delayed the release. I'm sure most of you understand, nothing seems to go as planned. This is the main reason I didn't set a release date earlier . . . I figured something unexpected might come up.

I will be giving away free downloads of book four, replicas of the Sanguine Diamond, and other fun swag as the big date approaches. So Stay Tuned! 
Enter to win the first contest HERE.

Again, thank you for reading my books and sharing your excitement with your friends! Hope you'll leave a comment. :)


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