Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Importance of Reading the Fine Print

**Edit 3/22/12 Amazon has relisted my books and the issue was resolved**
My books, The Unaltered Series and Scars of Defiance Series, are available for purchase on in several formats, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and iTunes.

My books are no longer available on books due to an oversight on my part. **Edit** My books are back up on Amazon 3/22/12 **Edit**  Apparently Amazon doesn't like it when an author's book is being sold at a lesser price anywhere else on the web because they are obligated to meet that price--even if it's free. The email I received said that in the terms and conditions it states books cannot be offered free anywhere on the internet. I listed my books on Amazon in July 2011 and it took them this long to figure out at least one of my books has almost always been free, either that or this is a new policy change.

So, next time I'm hustling and bustling along clicking my mouse on the box that states I've read the terms and condition, I'll take a moment and actually do it. It's a lesson for all to learn--even South Park creators made a show about it, not one of their finer creations but the message is the same. Read before you agree.