Friday, December 20, 2013


Happy Release Day!!

In the Amazon Bestselling final installment of The Unaltered Series, Calli learns about Chris's motives behind the recent events, and tries to understand his dilemmas, while at the same time she learns what the big picture actually is, and where she fits. 

General Harding figures out what lies at the heart of Agent Alpha's research project. He's determined to complete the studies and become an all-powerful Diamond Beareronce Chris delivers Calli to him. What General Harding fails to understand is that Diamond Bearers are not the most powerful individuals on the face of the earth. They are agents of nature, working for Crimsonthe creator of the Sanguine Diamond. Upsetting the balance of nature is the last thing General Harding should do.

Follow Calli, Chris, Brand, and Crimson in the dramatic conclusion of The Unaltered Series as they battle Deus Ex, undead Healers, and General Harding, in an effort to balance nature.

Suzanne G. says:  ". . . massive amounts of originality & imagination, swirled in with all the intrigue, suspense, romance, and mystery.  . . ."

Available for  $3.99 at:
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Saturday, November 9, 2013


~DECEMBER 20, 2013!~

Mark your calendar for the release of the exciting conclusion in The Unaltered Series, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny.


Friday, October 18, 2013

ShoutOut to my Fans!!

The Unaltered series
Thank you for reading my books! Without you, I'd just be a dreamer.

To the fans who have followed my series since I first launched online in 2011: 
You're Awesome!

To the fans who only just recently discovered my series:  Welcome to the Awesome Club!

Everyone in between:  I wouldn't be where I am today without you! 

**Please leave a comment below saying when you discovered my books and how. (friend, free list, amazon, nook, itunes, etc...) I'd love to hear from you.

diamond series
Update on book four, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny:

I will be releasing book four in The Unaltered Series December 20th, 2013. 

I've been bombarded with "life", which has delayed the release. I'm sure most of you understand, nothing seems to go as planned. This is the main reason I didn't set a release date earlier . . . I figured something unexpected might come up.

I will be giving away free downloads of book four, replicas of the Sanguine Diamond, and other fun swag as the big date approaches. So Stay Tuned! 
Enter to win the first contest HERE.

Again, thank you for reading my books and sharing your excitement with your friends! Hope you'll leave a comment. :)


*In no way do I sell, distribute, or give away the email addresses of my readers. I may occasionally send you a newsletter concerning my books, but I never spam.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Time for Giveaways!

Enter to win a 2 1/2" crystal replica of the Sanguine Diamond and a free download of The Diamond Bearers' Destiny when it releases by visiting the forum for The Unaltered Series and registering. CLICK HERE

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Read Chapter One, Two, and Three of THE DIAMOND BEARERS' DESTINY

** Updated August 11, 2013 **  
Is this how you looked when you finished reading  
The Diamond of Freedom, book three of 
The Unaltered Series?

Almost daily I receive emails (some frantic) from fans of the series begging to know when the last book will be released. Some simply don't know what to do with their time while they wait. To them, I'd say get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors while I sit on my tush -- indoors -- writing the book for you!  =)

To help with the growing excitement, I'm releasing a
of the first three chapters of The Diamond Bearers' Destiny.  
To get the first three chapters, fill out the Contact Me form and request them. 


Friday, July 12, 2013

New Revised Edition of A Diamond in my Pocket

In preparation for the release of book four of The Unaltered Series, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny, I've gone over book one, A Diamond in my Pocket, and made a few changes.

I didn't change the basic plot line of the book, so don't panic. I made subtle changes throughout the book, but the main focus of revision was on the first chapter. The focus is now more on Calli's running performance at the track meet, how her body felt and the reactions of everyone around her. Mrs. Winter introduces herself immediately following Calli's run of the 100-m.

I also reorganized the content in the first chapter concerning Calli's lip reading ability, introduction to her friend Suz, and Calli's physical description to improve the flow of the book. I also eliminated content that was redundant, confusing, and contrary to the overall plot of the series.

The new changes are available online at the major outlets.

Book one was written in 2009 and has gone through many changes prior to release in 2011, however, the first chapter never really changed much. Feedback from valued commenters told me that the beginning of the book needed some work to make it more interesting and gripping. My goal with this change to book one is not to upset my current fans, but to retain a higher percentage of readers from book one to two.

Another goal I'm striving to reach is bringing my books to print. I'm investigating different print on demand services and their requirements with the hopes of being able to serve all my readers in the next few months. I am also planning on releasing an Mp3 audio of the series down the road.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Book 4 of The Unaltered Series

I'm pleased to announce the title of the 4th and final book of The Unaltered Series.

The Diamond Bearers' Destiny

Below is a book description. **SPOILER ALERT** If you haven't read book #3 yet, you shouldn't read the following. Highlight it to read:

Book description:

Calli Courtnae, finally possessing the full strength of the Sanguine Diamond including the power of mind extraction, will soon find out where Chris's loyalty—and his heartlies, and why he made his recent choices. The information Chris gathered since returning to his father will tie together past and recent events in a way Calli couldn’t have foreseen and revealing that what she thought was “the big picture” is actually much, much bigger. 

Deus Ex is hunting and killing Diamond Bearers and will need to be stopped somehow, someway.  But how do you go up against someone who has made it their career to avoid capture or death, and who also knows how to use obsidian and topaz together to evade Diamond Bearers?

Additionally, General Harding is preparing to launch his army of Unaltereds on a mission of exterminating people of powers. Calli's research of the Shadow Demons will be used in an effort to try to prevent the military from harnessing the healing powers for evil.  The Diamond Bearers will ultimately be put to the test of saving humanity as General Harding is inadvertently poised to destroy the balance of nature forever. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book 3 of The Unaltered Series is Released!

It's a great time to jump head first into a 
unique Fantasy/Paranormal world!

The 1st book is FREE, the 2nd and 3rd books are $3.99 each, book 4 coming soon. 
For a limited time, save 50% on purchases through

A Diamond in my Pocket Amazon description:
Calli Courtnae, age 16, unexpectedly breaks the 100-meter world record at a high school track meet and is whisked off to Montana to train for Olympic tryouts. Upon arriving, however, she finds something totally unexpected. Her fellow athletes are secretive, mysterious, paranoid, uncommonly beautiful — and endowed with the same gift of superhuman speed that she now exhibits. The truth, Calli learns, is that she has been brought to Montana to join an elite clan of Runners who train to undertake highly secret missions for the benefit of superhuman kids everywhere.

When three Runners from her compound are kidnapped by a clan of evil terrorists who can kill with their thoughts, Calli is assigned to the team that must deliver a rare magic diamond to the terrorists in exchange for the hostages. Calli is just beginning to accept her new world when it is turned upside-down by a mysterious woman who secretly gives Calli the real diamond, while the team leader is given a decoy. Almost immediately the magic diamond in Calli’s pocket unleashes within her a startling range of supernatural powers and mind-reading abilities. Using her new-found powers, Calli exposes traitors among her team, discovers that the hottest-looking guy on the team believes she is his soul-mate, has visions of her companions’ tragic futures, and learns that she alone holds the power to change their futures. While Calli knows that her powers derive from the secret diamond in her pocket, her companions do not, and Calli dreads the fast-approaching day when they will discover the truth.

A Diamond in my Pocket (numbers updated 7/11/2013)
    • Barnes&Noble NOOK Teen Bestseller 4.5 stars / 485 ratings
    • Named a Breakout Book by iTunes iBookstore Feb 2013  4.5 stars / 150 ratings. 
    • Amazon Kindle  4.5 stars / 46 reviews 
    • Goodreads readers give it 3.92 stars / 303 ratings 41 reviews
    • Many readers liken the series to The Hunger Games for its pace and overall feel.
      In Feb 2013, Thomas Hall, Ph.D., a retired Professor of English joined my team as editor. The books now have good flow and proper grammar. (English wasn't my favorite subject in school. Thanks for your help, Dr. Hall!) The major plot points were unaltered, no pun intended.

      Take a break from your regular life and jump head first into an exciting, unique world of powers and abilities that will leave you wondering what is really right or wrong, good or bad, or black or white.

      Books available at:

      Sunday, March 17, 2013


      I've partnered up with to sell pre-orders of The Diamond of Freedom, book 3 in The Unaltered Series. Release date: April 11, 2013

      The first chapter of the e-book is included with the pre-order purchase. Simply click the appropriate format below and all you'll need is an email address and credit card number to access the download of the sample chapter. Then, on April 11, 2013, at 12:01 AM the full download will be available using the same link. You'll receive a reminder email on the 11th as well.

      PRE-ORDER The Diamond of Freedom (kindle) release date April 11, 2013

      PRE-ORDER The Diamond of Freedom (epub) release date April 11, 2013

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      Tuesday, February 26, 2013

      THE DIAMOND OF FREEDOM release date


      April 11, 2013 is the official release date for 
      book 3 in The Unaltered Series.

      Calli Courtnae and Chris Harding race against the clock to identify the mysterious power-neutralizing stone that will help them hide from their enemy, but that will also prevent Calli from healing her life-threatening injuries. Their challenge is not simply to identify the stone; they must also learn how to counter its effects so they can fight against the rogue Diamond Bearer named Freedom. US $3.99

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      Read the first chapter HERE.

      Tuesday, February 5, 2013

      Apple's iBookstore recognizes
      A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET as a Breakout Book!

      diamond in my pocket, unaltered, lorena angell
      Celebration Time!

      Feb. 5th, 2013. Apple's iBookstore launched a major feature in the US called Breakout Books.  The first book in my Young Adult series The Unaltered, A Diamond in my Pocket, was selected for this opening collection. It is truly an honor being recognized by the iBookstore team amidst thousands of titles, and to be placed on a list that showcases books they feel readers should check out first.

      Learn more about the Breakout Books feature at the Smashwords Blog.