Friday, July 12, 2013

New Revised Edition of A Diamond in my Pocket

In preparation for the release of book four of The Unaltered Series, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny, I've gone over book one, A Diamond in my Pocket, and made a few changes.

I didn't change the basic plot line of the book, so don't panic. I made subtle changes throughout the book, but the main focus of revision was on the first chapter. The focus is now more on Calli's running performance at the track meet, how her body felt and the reactions of everyone around her. Mrs. Winter introduces herself immediately following Calli's run of the 100-m.

I also reorganized the content in the first chapter concerning Calli's lip reading ability, introduction to her friend Suz, and Calli's physical description to improve the flow of the book. I also eliminated content that was redundant, confusing, and contrary to the overall plot of the series.

The new changes are available online at the major outlets.

Book one was written in 2009 and has gone through many changes prior to release in 2011, however, the first chapter never really changed much. Feedback from valued commenters told me that the beginning of the book needed some work to make it more interesting and gripping. My goal with this change to book one is not to upset my current fans, but to retain a higher percentage of readers from book one to two.

Another goal I'm striving to reach is bringing my books to print. I'm investigating different print on demand services and their requirements with the hopes of being able to serve all my readers in the next few months. I am also planning on releasing an Mp3 audio of the series down the road.


Wen said...

Great revision! I hope you are able to attract and keep more readers. Everyone should read your books. I tell everyone I know about them. I can't wait for the 4th book. Did I understand you right? are you going to post the 1st chapter of book 4 soon? How soon? I'm dying here!!! I neeeed to know what was going through Chris's head at the end of book 3.

J M Cogdell said...

I just finished the original version and can't wait to compare the revisions. I've given a 4 star review on Amazon.