Saturday, May 4, 2013

Book 4 of The Unaltered Series

I'm pleased to announce the title of the 4th and final book of The Unaltered Series.

The Diamond Bearers' Destiny

Below is a book description. **SPOILER ALERT** If you haven't read book #3 yet, you shouldn't read the following. Highlight it to read:

Book description:

Calli Courtnae, finally possessing the full strength of the Sanguine Diamond including the power of mind extraction, will soon find out where Chris's loyalty—and his heartlies, and why he made his recent choices. The information Chris gathered since returning to his father will tie together past and recent events in a way Calli couldn’t have foreseen and revealing that what she thought was “the big picture” is actually much, much bigger. 

Deus Ex is hunting and killing Diamond Bearers and will need to be stopped somehow, someway.  But how do you go up against someone who has made it their career to avoid capture or death, and who also knows how to use obsidian and topaz together to evade Diamond Bearers?

Additionally, General Harding is preparing to launch his army of Unaltereds on a mission of exterminating people of powers. Calli's research of the Shadow Demons will be used in an effort to try to prevent the military from harnessing the healing powers for evil.  The Diamond Bearers will ultimately be put to the test of saving humanity as General Harding is inadvertently poised to destroy the balance of nature forever. 


Anonymous said...

Sooo excited Pleez hurry and finish it.

Anonymous said...


Lorena Angell said...

I'm working on #4 every day. It won't be as long of a wait as it was for the last one. I think a lot of people's blood pressure went through the roof at the end of book 3. I think the "all caps" comment above is evidence of that. I certainly don't want anyone to suffer ill health because of a cliffhanger. LOL. However, I'm not giving a release date at this time. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I understand your not wanting to give a date just yet, but is there any way you can give an a certain month?

Treasure said...

Oh man this sounds so good. I can't wait. I was definitely screaming WTF at the end of book 3 lols. I hope Brand is in this book though even if he's back with Suz, ugh. The last book had me hating Chris & Maetha I'm hoping they can redeem themselves because I actually use to like them.

Anonymous said...

To treasure:WHAT DID MAETHA EVER DO TO U? I read the book maetha was just trying to keep calli safe i know the whole making chris forget her thing was a bit extreme but she did it for a good reason. Now as for chris i think hes being forced to do what hes doing and if hes actually evil then calli needs to see past her love for him and whoop his butt

Adela Howe said...

I am sure we all understand that it thats longer to write a book, then to read it. "Everyone got out a topaz and calm down. "

when she gets a date, I am sure it will be posted. Untill then I am going to reread three. I think I may have missed something! Chris winked!

Anonymous said...

I agree with adela it will take a while get hooked on another series in the meantime