Sunday, March 17, 2013


I've partnered up with to sell pre-orders of The Diamond of Freedom, book 3 in The Unaltered Series. Release date: April 11, 2013

The first chapter of the e-book is included with the pre-order purchase. Simply click the appropriate format below and all you'll need is an email address and credit card number to access the download of the sample chapter. Then, on April 11, 2013, at 12:01 AM the full download will be available using the same link. You'll receive a reminder email on the 11th as well.

PRE-ORDER The Diamond of Freedom (kindle) release date April 11, 2013

PRE-ORDER The Diamond of Freedom (epub) release date April 11, 2013

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agen sbobet said...

but how to transfer or order from out of United States??/

Lorena Angell said...

Hi Agen Sbobet,

Use my contact me form and send me your question and email address so I can get you set up with an order. ~Lorena

Anonymous said...

Omg lorena i love love love your books! Will this upcoming book be available on the nook?

Lorena Angell said...

Yes, The Diamond of Freedom will be available for Nook(epub) downloads through Gumroad and Smashwords on April 11th. B&Noble will have it a couple weeks later. (There is a delay in processing with B&N.)

Thanks for love, love, loving my books!!! ~Lorena

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me again your books are awesome. I love romance and adventure so this book is perfrct!

Anonymous said...

Omg, lorena your books are in love with brand..i havent told my please keep writing

Anonymous said...

Hi will there be a 4 book?
If so when?
I luv your books ! Your like a shakesspere to me !

Lorena Angell said...

Thanks for reading my books! Yes, there will be a 4th book. I'm working on it now. Check out the forum for more information.