Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where are the Rolaids?

When you've put yourself out on a limb, the anxious feeling that arises in your gut can be quite nauseating.

For example:
-Being the first to say, "I love you," in a new relationship not knowing for sure if it will be reciprocated.
-Asking your boss for a raise, and he doesn't reply. He just sits there with a blank expression twirling an overly sharpened #2 between his fingers.
-It's me or the dog!  Suddenly your clothing starts shooting out of the closet as it's ejected in reply to your demand.
-An Indie author listing an ebook on knowing it will be cut apart, chopped up into itty-bitty pieces and launched out of a cannon.

I fall into the last example listed.

Indie authors, or self-published authors, open themselves up for criticism when they list their books on the internet as most haven't had their books professionally edited; myself included.

I put myself out on that limb a few weeks ago when I listed my three ebooks online.  I've worried incessantly about the coming reviews, knowing my books weren't perfect, hoping I'd have thick enough skin to handle the objections to my style of writing.  Needless to say, I've crunched many-a-Rolaids.  The tropical flavors are my favorite.

When the reviews started coming in for A Diamond In My Pocket, my skin thickness was called into question.  The feedback I received initially was that the story was good but the book needed editing.

So, I had it edited.  The book could now be critiqued for its plot and characters, description and fluff; you know, the normal stuff.

The reviews are flowing in:

Amazon 9 reviews, averaging 4 stars:
"I really enjoyed A Diamond in My Pocket. I read it in one sitting without even realizing that time had passed. It is a YA Paranormal, although I think this book will appeal to any age..." Amazon

"I felt myself totally consumed in it, and felt like I was in the book as a character."  Amazon

Smashwords 2 reviews, averaging 5 stars:
"Brilliant, would love to read a sequel...or more." Smashwords

"This one was easy to shuck off reality and fall into the world that the author created." Smashwords

iTunes 62 ratings, averaging 5 stars
"It is very interesting and keeps you turning the pages and wanting more." iTunes

"I really,really enjoyed this book! It was interesting,well written, and had great characters. I would love to read a sequel!" iTunes
What exactly is the hype about?  Here's the book description for A Diamond In My Pocket: 
     When Calli Courtnae breaks the World Record for the 100m, she is invited to Montana to prepare for National tryouts. However, upon arrival using her lip reading ability she realizes she’s been lied to, or at least not told the whole truth. She's a superhuman, a Runner, and her new world includes transporting packages for other supernatural groups.
     She's paired up with an overly anxious Gothic roommate, is continuously glared down by the gorgeous top-dog, Chris, who feels she doesn't belong, and is placed on a delivery team to transport a valuable magical diamond to a clan of terrorists who can kill with their thoughts.
     Chris, the team leader, is given the diamond, but Calli secretly receives the real stone along with a vision of the future and an explanation of why she was hand-selected to carry out the mission. Almost immediately the hidden diamond oozes unprecedented additional powers and abilities into Calli making her more sought after than the diamond itself.
You know, going out on that limb was the riskiest thing I've done but I did it anyway!  I didn't want to let more and more years pass and regret not acting on this.  I hope I can be an inspiration to someone else who's clinging to the tree trunk, worried about going out on that limb; no matter what it is they're afraid of doing.  You never know what you can accomplish until you try!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Lorena, those are great reviews! Congratulations! It is always so hard to put yourself out on a limb (well, maybe not for everyone), but this is huge. What a great payoff--too bad you went through all those Rolaids worrying about how the Amazon, iTunes and Smash reviews would be!

Lorena Angell said...

Thanks, I like to think I'm supporting the Rolaids business. Kind of like how all my late fees at the video rental stores kept them in business; that is, until Redbox came along. said...

Thanks for stopping by!
You need to be VERY proud of yourself -- your hard work has paid off and you DID IT! And great reviews, too! I love your comparison to writing and publishing a book to so many other situations in our lives. Writing truly reveals part of our hearts and selves and that can be a very scary thing, can't it? Keep up the great work.