Monday, November 12, 2012

The Silver Lining

You know how sometimes things don't go as you planned? Or is that just me? Months ago I set myself a deadline to complete book three of The Unaltered Series. It was a self-imposed deadline that in hindsight was impossible to reach due to the many different directions I was being pulled in. Yes, I am still writing on book three, The Diamond of Freedom. I haven't given up, for those of you who are wondering. I've just been extremely busy living life and dealing with all the many different complications that arise when doing so.

My life isn't any different than yours. It is full of excitement, adventure, drama, sadness and joy. Everyone has these aspects in their lives, maybe not at the same time, but all the same they are there if you look for them. (I don't necessarily look for the sadness, it just finds its way in. However, it makes the happiness and joy even better when you have something to compare it to.)

I've been busy moving my family 700 miles from Idaho to the Portland, Oregon area of the Pacific Northwest. It's been a dramatic change both visually and emotionally and my husband and children are settling in well. There have been ups and downs, and a few "inside outs" (for lack of a better description,) but we are all doing well now.

Earlier in the year, back in Idaho, we opened our home to a friend from Holland for a couple months. He brought a different perspective of how to view the world and the people in it, and while he was there I learned about meditation, quantum physics and how to enjoy brown rice. I also experienced the harsh judgment from the ultra-conservative community for having a male house guest in my home; this coming from a community that touts, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Funny ole world, isn't it? Good thing my husband and I have grown thick skin ... how we grew that skin is a whole different story. Ah, maybe I'll write my own memoir. My tens of fans would love it!

Through it all, I've grown as a writer and am busily working on my manuscript. A Diamond in my Pocket remains on Barnes&Noble's Teen Bestseller list ranking #130 as of 11/12/2012. It has been as low as #100. The fact that it's free has brought it a lot of attention, and NOOK fans have been absolutely awesome with their reviews and comments! The book ranks #7 on the Teen low to high pricing list. The last number of total downloads from the different Internet outlets for all four of my titles was just under 70,000. Not bad for being on the Internet for a year and a half.

I apologize for the delay in completing The Diamond of Freedom, I am working on it on a daily basis.  Rest assured I'm not going to release it until I feel the storyline is gripping enough to please my dedicated fans.

The phrase, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade," is similar to, "finding the silver lining in the clouds." There is always something good that comes from a storm, the trick is to open your eyes and see it. My experiences of 2012 will definitely find their way into my future books in some way or another making my silver lining the richness and depth I've developed personally and lived firsthand.



margaret said...

Thanks for sharing! I would be one of your "tens of fans." I have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Diamond of Freedom. I have honestly lost count of how many times I have read the books in the Unaltered series, and I have read the Scars of Defiance more than once as well. You have an amazing writing style that captivates readers...I even got my husband to read the books. He enjoyed them too! I hope your adjustment to the Pacific Northwest continues to move in a positive direction.

Caroline Greenley said...

Hi. My name is Caroline and i love your unaltered series. Unfortunatly my grandma keeps track of everything i do on my nook, which i think is unfair because my sis was the one to blame and she gets no restrictions and no one watches her every move on the nook, so i am not sure whether to download the scars of defince in fear of her not liking it and taking my nook away, but believe me, i would love to read it! I love how you described the characters and made me feel connected to them, unlike a movie i watched recently that was horrible and i didnt even care when the main characters motherdied because it did not connect you. I was wondering about that third book, and now i have my answer. Keep working on it! The Unaltered series is one of the role models i would like the series i am writing to be like. Although i am scared that it will be rejected. How do i deal with this?!

Lorena Angell said...

Margaret, I'm so happy to have you be one of my "tens of fans"! I'm flattered that you love my books so much, and shocked you got your husband to read them. My husband is my biggest fan and motivator right now. He wants #3 finished so he can read it first. The Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful and our adjustment has been wonderful. Thanks for commenting!

Lorena Angell said...

Caroline, I'm happy you enjoy my writing style. Good luck with your Grandma/Nook dilemma. All I can say is, she loves you enough to monitor what you put in your head. Not everyone has someone who cares, like you do. Scars of Defiance has a darker tone than The Unaltered Series. However, if your grandmother read the book first, she'd probably be alright with you reading it.

As for writing and worrying about rejection, it goes with the territory. If you love to write, and you put your best effort forward, and make sure to at least have an amateur editor go over it, you'll find that there are like-minds out there who will love your book. Look at you and I ... you like my writing style. Now, go to Amazon or GoodReads and read my not so friendly reviews. Not everyone likes my writing style, but enough people do to encourage me to write more. I'm always trying to improve myself and learn more, and I understand that the more exposure I get, the more possible bad reviews I'm going to get. Is that going to stop me? NOPE. Not when I have fans like you who love my writing. But the biggest factor of all is that I love to tell stories. I love to write. If you put your heart into your series, and go into releasing it with an open mind knowing not everyone will like it, you'll be just fine. Thanks for commenting!

Emily said...

Congratulations on your success! I haven't read your books, but found you through Bloggy Moms.

It must be such an amazing feeling to watch your book climb the best selling lists! I can't imagine!

Carrie's Just Mildly Medicated said...

Found you on Bloggy Moms and added your books to my goodreads account. I am an avid reader and adore YA romance. I am also a blogger and am in the midst of writing my first adult novel. I look forward to seeing more from you.
Carrie at Just Mildly Medicated

Chris Jensen said...

Hello, I've just finished the first two books in your Unaltered series. I like checking out emerging authors (a new hobby since getting my Nook as a gift from my husband), the free books make it risk free. I've come across little known authors who beat anything many well published authors write. Your writing does and you've got me as a fan. Powers and special abilities obtained through the enviroment rather than magic absolutely appeals to me and fits very well in a modern day setting. Learning about those abilities along with Calli feels natural and unforced. Every character has dimension and a connection to the story. There is also something unique in your style of writing that keeps it very interesting making me want more. I also appreciate that you write according to good and well balanced values.I look forward to sharing your books with my children and grandchildren :) -Christine

Lorena Angell said...

Christine, Thank you for your awesome comment! I'm really happy my writing style appeals to you and that you're now my fan. You'll really like book #3 when it releases, The Diamond of Freedom, because of the use of other natural occurring rocks and crystals to counter the mysterious black stone in Freedom's pocket watch.

I appreciate your compliment of writing with good and well balanced values. I feel that if a young reader is going to take the time to read, verses play a video game, they should at least be exposed to heroic, honorable, brave characters who try their best in the situations handed to them. My characters are not perfect, and I'm sure plenty of people will take issue with them, but in the wide scope of things, they display good, well balanced values.

I'm humbled to even think about my books being passed down to your grandchildren. Is that strange?

Thanks for stopping by! ~Lorena

Heather said...

I am an avid reader and I do enjoy your unaltered series books. I came across the first book of this series when I was going through Barnes and Nobles free books read some of the reviews and thought it would be a good choice. After reading the first book I did a quick search to see if there was more books in this series avaliable and was very glad to read the second book. I have been waiting for your next book to come out for the last few monthes and am glad its soon. I wish you would post a little preview but am looking forward to April 11th. Is the book release going to be available through Barnes and Noble on that day or is it going to be a few days after that?